picture of Jay

Hello there!

My name is Jay. I'm a first-generation Taiwanese-American born and raised in San Jose, California now living in Brooklyn, New York.

Before design, I was working at various tech companies in customer-facing roles. Now, I blend my business experience with design thinking to execute my user-focused strategy that also benefits the organization.

In my free time, I nap with my 2 dogs Tipper and Mirabear, get crushed in video games (currently going through Tales of Arise), yell at my TV during Warriors/49ers games, roll a d20 for initiative, and whiff on golf balls.

My hot food take - I think New York bagels are just okay. Give me a croissant anytime 🥐.

Things I'm Currently Consuming (literally and figuratively)

I'm a voracious learner (and eater). Here are a couple of things that are on my mind right now:

hackerman meme

Front-end Courses

Figma logo

New Figma Updates

cover of the book Pachinko


picture of deebo samuel running with a football while a seattle seahawks defender falls onto the ground unable to catch him

Fantasy Football

hibiki japanese whiskey

Japanese Whiskey

a slice of pizza