Hello there! I'm Jay Wang.

I'm a Product Designer with experience in building design teams and people management. I build cool things, lead passionate people, and strive for accessible design practices.

Recent Work

cover for self-service experience project

Self-Service Experience (PLG)

Automate lead generation, upsells, and long-tail sales while allowing Revenue teams to focus on higher-value prospects.

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cover for metrics dashboard upgrade project

Metrics Dashboard Upgrade

Pinpoint engaged donors and detractors by utilizing new features that give the users more insight into their data.

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cover of ThankView Design System case study

Thankview Design System

Scale designs and development through standardized components and consistent style guides.

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cover for campaign builder redesign project

Campaign Builder Redesign

Incentivize users to create more ThankView campaigns by reducing the steps required to build, test, and send a campaign.

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