cover for campaign builder redesign project

Campaign Builder Redesign

To pinpoint their most engaged donors and detractors, we upgraded our metrics dashboard by adding features that empowered our users to own and analyze their data. Over 6 months, these new features resulted in an increase to metrics page visits by 15% and improved platform averages by 6% while saving users over 60% of time required to analyze their data.




July 2020 - August 2021


UI/UX, Research, Strategy, Analytics


1 Designer, 3 Developers


This case study is still in progress, but here are the results for reference:

I led and facilitated collaborative design with 2 designers, 1 researcher, and 1 data analyst to address inefficiencies and pain points in old campaign builder. Our new designs led to:

Reduced average steps required to send a ThankView by 24%
Increased average campaigns created in 6 months per portal by 15%